Sunday, May 11, 2014

for our mother

joy-giver. boo-boo kisser. cheerleader. shoulder to cry on.
a woman of the lord.
when you ask for advice, she says the right words-words of wisdom God places in her heart.
she reminds us that God has a beautiful and perfect plan for our lives.}
Isn't she gorgeous?!?!?!
A sweet pretty song...

Some random facts about our mother...
  • She likes Andes candies
  • She {LOVES} spending time with her best friend {Daddy}
  • She is a very frugal person
  • She loves to talk and make friends {wherever she goes!}
  • She has a sweet smile
  • She loves to reach out and minister to many
  • She is a wonderful sewer/quilter/crafter
  • Favorite date night dinner? Culvers!
  • She is quick to make others smile and most importantly....
  • She loves the Lord      

    "Her children rise up and call her blessed,
    her husband also,
    and he praises her."
    ~Proverbs 31:28~
We. love. you. bunches. Mom!!!
Your 8 blessings


  1. Happy Mothers Day!!
    You are truly blessed....You have an amazing family and what a heritage....
    I still wish I had had more children, as God gave us two; but we now have 8 grandchildren!
    Love, Roxy

  2. Dear Mother~
    Happy mothers day to you! I thank God for such a sweet mom.
    Thank you for being my mother for eleven years of my life.
    Your smile has brightened my day even when I didn't have one.
    I love you to the moon and back!

  3. So sorry I almost missed this dear posting.. What a lovely family which is no wonder when you know the Mama... God bless you sweet folks.. xo

  4. Oh and Lori you are beautiful.. Yes.. xo

  5. Dear Mom,
    Happy mothers day! I Love you to the moon and back! you are best mom in the world!
    I am so honored to call you my mom! I Love you!


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