Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Catch up pt. 1

Wow. I realized today that our last "family up-date" was at the end of May! My, how the time flies...and lots has gone on! :)  So....without further a do here is some of what we have been up to!

Piano recital
Fathers day camping
Strawberry season
Daddy & Momma date lunch
And grass mowing :)
This was the first piano recital for me ever...
it was a great experience!

 Due to LOTS of rain in the beginning of the season, the strawberries did not last long! Above:
a mornings work...COMPLETED! :)
(we pick for a local farmer, meaning all of his pre-picked orders!)

Should I jump?!?!

For camping...yep, we I forgot the camera! Oops! So, this is a pic from last year...but you still get the idea! *smile*

This was a special afternoon for Daddy & Momma! They went for a walk so...some of the younger siblings and I brainstormed and got to work prepping things...from the the the food it all came together so gorgeous and Dad & Mom had a lovely time!
Sweet tea, chicken salad & green salad made the perfect lunch! (oh yeah...and chips!)
Family zoo trip
Vacation Bible School
Matthew's birthday

The zoo is always a family highlight each year!
We love looking at all of the animals and learning *fun* facts about them together!
Mr. Rhino says "hi' to the camera! :)
Thank you to, Lizzy for taking all the pictures!
Lovely peacocks roam the area!

We also got to experience feeding goats! They were SO cute and friendly! Thanks Jodi :)

 And the giraffes among many other wonderful
animals that God created!
And for today that is all!
Stay tuned for....
Vacation Bible School
Matthew's Birthday
Gardening...and more ;)
"The Lord hath done great things for us;
whereof we are glad."
~Psalm 126:3
By His grace & for His glory~


  1. Loved seeing your update of your sweet family.. xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for the update!

  3. Ah, look at you, Maggie, playing the piano :) I have no doubt that you made the piano sing with your playing.

    Delightful pictures! Have a lovely long weekend, dear Mayo Family!


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