Monday, June 8, 2015

Girded in the wilderness {shared post}

                      Please go over and visit sweet Mrs. Roxy...

She has a very encouraging post on today....
it was just what we needed.
I love how God works like that....when we may be wondering about something or seeking, and then He gives us the answer, many times through HIs word, sweet, encouraging, Godly, uplifting friends!
Isn't {HE} good?!?!
While your there, leave her a comment and say hello...she has a lovely home on the web filled with homemaking tips, recipes, inspiration....wait, I better not tell you all about it! ;-)
Enjoy your visit...
"Living From Glory to Glory: How To Stay Girded Up While In The Wilderness Of L...: Living Our Days In Simplicity... So many days are filled with hard things. They may be little things in the grand scheme of things..."

May the Lord richly bless you!!
Many blessings~

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  1. Hello, How very sweet of you to share this post on your blog! I appreciate your whole family! God bless and enjoy your summertime and family fun! Love, Roxy


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