Saturday, February 27, 2016

6 years...

This morning I look back and say "how can it be 6 years"? To me it there are days it is just not even real yet, days that it seems longer, days it seems like yesterday.
It still is hard, it hurts. I still have your number in my phone, so if as to call you on a recipe, tell you what my latest sewing/craft venture is! Smile
The thing is I so can remember you saying "as you get older...(ahem) Lori I mean, mature in age, you will see how life begins to look, shorter days, time moving  quickly and years shorter". Okay....I am thinking this is so true.... so much to tell you, the children are so much bigger, older, taller, mature, Jodi finally looks maybe 40, still has clear sparkly eyes that tell much with her saying nothing (still call her bob) smile I think Lisa and I "always" will (forever)....I yes am happy to say her quilt is done and getting used! I am so thankful that Dad is well after open heart surgery, we are all well, Lisa is still doing what she does {smile} and yes, Rob will turn a mature I hear motorcycle ride coming for him? Cougar still spoiled ...........we, continue to do lots of ministry, the boys are all "young men" life keeps moving, moving and waits for no one! Home's still in the process (always) ...camping still happening.... The thing is there are always the holes there of the loved ones that have gone on before us, we still shed tears, laugh at stories and remember the "time when, this, that, etc" the thing is....
yes, I am thankful for the time we had, wish we'd have had so much more, God chose the day the time and we must always give thanks.... I am learning now so much from your leaving and yes, Jackie'O sister of mine...forever I will miss you, for ever I thank God for what we had and for you!
I love and miss you today and always.....................
....I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,
~Philippians 1:3

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  1. And one day, He will wipe away all our tears...until then, she keeps living in your memories...much love to you...thank you for sharing her with us.


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